Do you have a fish or an elephant memory?

What does provoke your mind to remember or forgot any things?

It was around 4:30am, one of the most coldest winter morning when I couldn't sleep and decided to go through all of my negatives.

I found one, which I've never printed or scanned -

it was a girl, standing with her legs far from each other and her dress -

her long, long dress!

I couldn't remember who was that girl,

when I did that photo or why and started to think about temporary things in our lives.

About the thing which provokes our minds to remember one particular thing and don't pay attention to the rest of it.

I couldn't really say that the dress was red as it was black and white negative (And still, it's not printed or scanned even for now)

but I could say so out of the tones -

That's why the project is in black and white and it was dedicated to the temporary things in our lives,

but now that looong, looooong dress is on my mind for 9 months and it's not temporary anymore.

Now I'm playing on the border of temporary and eternal things in our lives

and the Red Dress is metaphor of everything temporary or eternal in our lives.

and it's for you -

no matter if you have a fish

or an elephant memory!

Copyright © Gela Shekeladze